Android 12 Beta 3.1 Update Released

The Android 12 Beta 3 update released a couple of weeks ago was the most polished and feature-rich update of the Android 12 ecosystem. However, it was the most buggy too with issues like random …

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Android 12 Beta 2 released

It’s unusual for early Android betas to include so many end user features. I hope this means the development process is farther along than usual as well, so OEMs can get started on the update …

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Android Studio 4.2 Released

After being in development for some time, Google has now announced the stable release of Android Studio 4.2. The latest version of the chief tool used by developers to create Android apps, focuses majorly on …

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The Next Android 12 Beta features

Like the past couple of Android OS versions, Android 12 will not be named after a dessert. Google is sticking to a much simpler name so as not to confuse the public. Calling it by …

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