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JingOS 0.9 Released
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JingOS 0.9 Released 

JingOS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for tablet computers. It can run desktop Linux applications like VS Code and LibreOffice.

The project’s latest release is JingOS 0.9 which features a number of key interface changes:

  1. Adaptive layouts: JingOS can now run perfectly on different resolution devices with adaptive layouts. Users can adjust resolutions in the Settings app.
  2. Preview version of Sogou Input Method with virtual keyboard support.
  3. Wallpaper settings.
  4. Complex password settings: support character+number+symbol mixed password.
  5. Gaussian blur effect of Notification Center and Control Panel.
  6. The superposition and fusion mode of status bar and window, and solved the problem of status bar flashing when switching between apps.
  7. The Files app adds support for compression and decompression (support zip, tar, 7zip, AR), also support tag, collection, sorting, OTG, etc.
  8. Charging process will show on the lock screen.
  9. System pop-up frame for Volume and Brightness adjustment.
  10. Multi-languages support, including Chinese and English.

Further details can be found in the project’s release notes. Downloads can be request free of charge by visiting the download page.

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